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Specialized Cake Decoration Course

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Course Fee
  Rs. 75,000.00 (INR) 
Course Code
  4 Weeks
  10:30am to 4:00pm
This is not just about covering a cake with cream, but about how to add cream over a cake sponge & create with your imagination... Specialized Cake Decoration Course offers the knowledge of creativity with the technicality. Add value with different expression on all the cakes and desserts that you make. A simplified program for even one who doesn't see thyself as being a creative person .

The program is chosen for commercial requirement as well as hobby healthy home needs.

Briefing About the 4 weeks program
Cream Decoration Week
Icing Decoration Week
Dough Decoration Week
Creativity Decoration Week
Briefing of Creativity, Drawing class to learn proportion & perspective, Color & color blending, Butter cream making and variation, Textures with cream over cakes, Cake layering and covering cream, Piping pressure control, Flowers with butter cream, Faces and expression with cream, Glacé icing, variation and decoration, Frosted fruits and flowers, Royal-icing cream, Royal-icing flowers and candy characters, Royal-icing filigree and piping fonts, Stock syrup, flavored syrup and sugar cooking, Caramel cream and butterscotch making, Fondant dough and chocolate dough, Marzipan dough, decoration and creativity, Piping jelly, fruit filling and glazes for desserts, Gum paste preparation, Dummy cake covering and decoration styles, Wired sugar flowers and themes, Character and theme with sugar craft, Chocolate tempering, decoration and creams, Non-dairy cream, floral and theme decoration, Spray painting effects, Edible print on cake concept with different decoration styling, Theme cake briefing and Wedding cakes making

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