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Pastries and Snacks week

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Course Fee
Rs. 13,000.00 (INR) 
Course Code 
1 Week
10:30am to 4:00pm  
Dont confuse them to rich creamy cakes, these are Laminated, shortened or whipped baked dough or batters... Pastries are rich dough and batter, they are either laminated, shortened or piped to get the best results of flakiness and puff. Pastry making add to many varieties in bakery production, from both snacks and dessert making.

The program is chosen for commercial requirement as well as hobby healthy home needs.

Theory, Tips & Techniques
  • Role of Fats
  • Definition of Lamination and methods to conduct
  • Pastry variety
  • Pastry making methods and process
  • Eggs & its role
  • Chemical leavening agents
  • Fillings for pastry
  • Shapes to make in pastries
Apple strudel, Cinnamon roll, Custard twist, Jam Fluffies, Veg pattice, Egg pattice, Kharie puff, Fruit basket, Vol-au-vent, Dil pasand, Cheese sticks, Puff pudding, Apple pie, Cherry pie, Lemon tart, Chocolate tart, Cheese cake, Pumpkin pie, Empty flans & tarts, Quiche, Choux buns, Soup crouton, Filo pastry dough, Filo strudle, Filo bags, Filo pies, Problems in pastry making & scoring, TEST on Bread & pastry making

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