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Food Writeup Course

 Course Fee
  Rs. 3,000.00 (INR)
 Course Code
 1 Day (as Scheduled)
 10:00am to 3:00pm 

Course Content

Food is sensual and cooking food is a sensual experience; it is often the intricate description of the colors, flavors and aromas of food that entice the sensibilities of the food connoisseur. IBCA is conducting A day workshop that covers all aspects to Food  writing. The course covers an introduction to food writing - a comprehensive understanding, the various styles of food writing and the different forms of publishing houses and media where you can take your food writing.

What is food writing?

  1. An understanding of what it comprises
  2. The various media you can publish in
  3. The differences in styles of writing

All of the above – discussion and example based

Introduction to various media

Creating a introductory package for yourself
Basics of presenting yourself (a profile of your business / your expertise / your offerings)


  1. What a basic website should contain and pointers (home page / offerings / order page)

Social networking and small touch on blog and the possibilities in it

  1. Creating a social networking presence (FB – differences between page and group / ideal timings to post, creating posts, basic interaction online),
  2. Twitter,
  3. Creating a blog (types – recipe, photo blog, work promotion blog etc)

Important writing elements

  1. How to write about what you can create
  2. Pointers on writing a menu
  3. Pointers on writing a recipe
  4. The correct use of photographs and basic outline of how to take a photograph
  5. Etiquette in interaction online
  6. Developing a style in writing

Possible exercises

– Beginning of class – write about your latest cake creation in 200 words – revisit this at the end to see how it can be improved

  1. Write a small 200 word profile on self
  2. Writing a recipe – exchange and have it corrected by partners to see what is missing
  3. Writing a menu
  4. Exchanging baking projects and having someone else write it

Display on screen

  1. A look at popular food sites
  2. Examples of how bad / wrong language can be a put off

Trainer - Ruth Dsouza

Ruth Dsouza Prabhu is a media professional with a specialization in content development for a variety of platforms. In the field for 13 years now, she has worked her way through electronic media, English daily newspapers and magazines. Today, she is a work-from-home mother of a 9 year old girl. Her 
journalistic career has given her the flexibility of managing a full time career and a child gracefully. Feature writing on a vast variety of topics is a now forte. Her portfolio of clients currently spans several spheres - Public Relations, Websites, Blog Post creation, SEO writing and Feature writing on a range of topics. She regularly writes for Deccan Herald and magazines like Femina, Smartlife, CW Interiors and Eat Stay Love. Her bylines have also appeared in magazines like National Geographic Traveller, The Leela Magazine, Ambrosia. She writes for Huffington Post - India and is a restaurant experience blogger and author an extremely popular restaurant review blog on Bangalore's offerings. She teaches the Food Writing course at IBCA that equips students with skills to use the written word to help promote their commercial baking ventures.