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Extensive Baking Confectionery & Cake Art

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Course Fee
Rs. 75,000.00 (INR) 
Course Code
6 Weeks
10:30am to 4:00pm
Extensive Baking & Confectionery Course Baking is all about learning and specializing the fourclassification...EBCC is an extended training program from Basic Baking Classification learning. This is one of our popular training chosen for basic and enhanced learning. After learning the basic one needs to also know the ways to blend them to making confectionery products like desserts and snacks.

Theory, Tips & Techniques
Extensive Baking & Confectionery Course (EBCC). The name itself suggests the training relates to both the basic and extends to confectionery levels with snack & dessert preparation. This program also let you enhance the creative skills with rich dessert cakes and pastries. This program is designed to all those who have their bakery setups and will want themselves or their employees to develop  the organization with newer products. Also suggested to individuals to see brighter prospects for job placements.

Learn about the 4 classification of Baking & Confectionery, Learn the snack bases, fillings and toppings,  Add value with wonderful simple desserts, Enhance your creativity with learning interior and exterior cake based desserts. Add value to learning and implement it commercially.