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Eggfree Home Baking Course

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Course Fee
  Rs. 6,000.00 (INR) 
Course Code 
3 Days 
11:00am to 3:30pm 
There is always a ways to achieve for the once who love Food.. Eggless Home Baking Course (EHBC 1) is one such program that offers a home baker with information of practical baked products where egg is eliminated and the best substitute is used for various different products. The training shall expose the participant with practices, theory of baking and technical tips.

Theory, Tips & Techniques
What is Bake & Baking?
Raw-materials and its role in Baking
Process needs for Breads, Cookies, Pastry and Cake making
Role of chemical leavening agents like, baking powder or soda
Need of equipments and its usage
Understanding your oven and microwave
Question & Answers Sessions
* Daliya bread   
* Shaping dinner rolls   
* Kharie puff   
* Vegetable Puff
* Bread sticks   
* Masala doughnut   
* Butter biscuit   
* Salt cookie   
* Chocolate chip cookie   
* Viennese finger cookie   
* Apple pie   
* Eggfree chocolate cake    
* Curd Cake - microwave
* Tea time muffin   
* Cheese cake    
* Chocolate mousse    
* Truffle cream    
* Non-dairy cream
* Black forest cake   
* Chocolate Cake    
* Cake decoration on finished cake