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ng & Cake

Institute of Baking & Cake Art
(Authorized centre of Manipal City & Guilds)
Winner of National Excellence Education Award 2017

Diploma in Baking

Full Day Training

Diploma in Baking, Confectionery & Cake Art

 Course Fee: 
  Rs.150,000.00 (INR)
 Course Code
  14 Weeks
  10:30am to 4:00pm
Crafting your CAREER or HOBBY learning of Baking & Creativity... BCCA offers Learning Baking & Confectionery in a commercial format from scratch to project planning. This is a Seed to Sale training providing both practical and theoretical learning with techniques and tricks. Diploma in Baking, Confectionery & Cake Art (BCCA) is our exclusive and most sort out program with our participants, as this relates to completeness of information, management and product technicalities.

Basic level:
Provides in-depth knowledge of all four classifications related to baking, such as breads, pastries, cookies, cakes. This level will take you through practical understanding of costing, planning, schedules, problem handling, different methods of process and variations.

Confectionery level: Here we enhance the students skills to make finished food and desserts. Confectionery level will consist of snacks & sandwich's along with dessert preparation. There is knowledge of newer ingredients along with special presentation procedures.

Creativity level: Presentation is what sells today much more that the product itself, so the training is designed such that each student will be able to bring out the creativity in them with expression through icing, creams & dough’s. The level consist of specialized cake decoration, gateaux, torte, pastry and wedges.

Management level: We sharpen your potential skills of management on hygiene & cleanliness, handling product scheduling, check on costing & budgeting. We shall also develop your demonstrative skills & teaching. You will also be sent to the business market for practical production and sales of product and finally a project will have to be submitted of a mock bakery plan.