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Creative Cake Decoration Week

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Course Fee
  Rs. 20,000.00 (INR) 
Course Code
 1 Week
 10:30am to 4:00pm
Cakes are a hot sell in all celebration and creativity enhancement is the norm ... After learning techniques of Cream, Icing & Dough, one needs to also learn blending it with creative styling and arrangements along with Color, Shape, Form, Perspective, and Proportion. This program will relate to from covering a cake with either cream or dough to arranging ready flowers or themes to make wedding cakes, theme based cakes. You will also learn the latest trend of personalized cookie and muffin decoration.

The program is chosen for commercial requirement as well as hobby healthy home needs.

Introduction & Briefing about the week program
Pastry cake icing & creative cake wedge decoration Speed and piping practice on cake wedges and cake icing, with non-dairy cream, chocolate cream, Theme cake & Birthday cake decoration using all kinds of cake decoration mediums like cream, icing, dough, Festive & celebration cake design discussion and creation, Wedding & Anniversary cakes dummy & actual Tiered cake decoration with floral and modern design arrangements, Photo cake, Spray effect and technology used in cake decoration

Make a Note

The Creative Celebration Cakes & Bakes week will not incorporate recipes and basic technique practice with, Fondant dough, Buttercream, Chocolate cream, Royal icing, Cookie making, Cake making, Muffin making or others. The program is designed for practice of creation only. Incase you need to learn any of the other we do offer programs related with the particular training and practices.