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Cream Decoration Week

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Course Fee
 Rs. 20,000.00 (INR) 
Course Code  
 1 Week
 10:30am to 4:00pm
Cake decoration is all about learning the right techniques with right kind of tool... Cream whipping and piping is no doubt an art blended with the science and technique of edible ingredients. In this course one can achieve the basic of piping and enhance their skill with practices of making cake icing, borders, play with textures, making flowers or characters. You will also learn the different kinds of cream preparation and substitutes for making better cream based decoration.

The program is chosen for commercial requirement as well as hobby needs.

Introduction & Briefing about the week program
  • What is Cake Decoration and kinds of materials used to achieve the techniques?
  • Kinds of Cream like Buttercream, Fresh dairy cream, Non-dairy cream & Chocolate cream
  • Learn Line Drawing & Creative shells used for cake decoration
  • Difference between Margarine and butter and using the same for cream decoration
  • Color addition, blending and creative techniques
Butter Cream (Basic) Practical
Butterpaper bag making, Practice Piping through Pressure control, Angle and Direction, Varieties of Buttercream preparation, Practice making Cream flowers like Blossom, Daisy, Roses, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Lotus, Gerbera, Lily, Hibiscus, and Aster, Practice making of Leaves, Ferns and floral cream decoration arrangement, Practice of Cake borders, Fillers, Star drop and design creation, Clock angle and piping character building, Cake covering with smooth icing, textures, speed & finishing

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