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Cookies and Slice Week

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Course Fee
Rs. 13,000.00 (INR)   
Course Code 
1 Week 
10:30am to 4:00pm 
Do you know the Difference between Cookie and a Biscuit.... Learn more about it Commercially cookie or biscuit is the largest organized food manufacturing sector, but domestically its an every day need. They can be made in different shapes, taste, texture and can be preserved longer. Cookies and Slices are shortened and creamed process for making variety for tea time snack. Although they are quite simple to understand from a recipe, but has many difference from its process and ingredient usage.

Theory, Tips & Techniques
  • Difference between Biscuit, Cookie & Slice
  • Cookie making ingredients
  • Cookie making methods
  • Commercial cookie making
  • New product development
  • Packaging of Bakery product
  • Equipment needs and role of machinery
  • Handling waste in production
  • Creaming method, Rubbing method, Whipping method,
  • Ice-box cookie, Sheeting a cookie dough, Pressed cookie,
  • Drop cookie, Slices & short bread,
  • Problems in cookie making & scoring
Butter cookie & variation, Chocolate chip cookie, Melting moments, Fruit cookie, Peanut cookie, Viennese cookie, Magic window cookie, Oreo Cream cookie, Salt cookie, Masala & chilly cookie, Macaroons with variety, Japanese cake, Color pastry, Shrewberry  cookie, Raisin and spicy cookie, Honey cookie, Date & walnut slice, Chocolate fudge, Brownies, Nippat, Milk toffee, Nankhatai, Scone - griddle baked

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