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Chocolate Molding Program


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Course Fee
Rs. 3,000.00 (INR)
Course Code
1 Day (Saturday only)
11:00am to 3:30pm 
Have you always wanted to become a Chocolatier or Chocolate Maker? Get started with IBCA school for chocolate making or chocolate molding. Learn how to manufacture chocolate, different procedures in filling or coating, use chocolate molds and create professional chocolate recipes.

Learn to Mold Chocolate and create variations like center-fills, rocks, coated and print on chocolate in this Practical one day Training at IBCA. The 4 hour session will make your enjoy being with a trained faculty who will relate the delicious chocolate into interesting forms and great tasting products.
Start with tempering of chocolate, kinds of tools and molds used, shapes and coating, setting and standing of chocolate and finally wrapping into different presentation. Chocolate making at IBCA is Fun with taste and molding. Learn making the below variation;

* Flavored chocolate
* Rock chocolate
* Soft centered chocolate
* Cookie/Biscuit centered chocolate
* Coated Truffles
* Liqueur filled chocolate