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Institute of Baking & Cake Art
(Authorized centre of Manipal City & Guilds)
Winner of National Excellence Education Award 2017







Vroom Vroom.. Vroom... and now you can zoom to see sugar models and cake creation presented and displayed at the 39th annual cake show in Bangalore. This formula 1 car is a dummy model with sugar creatives and edible food stickers as logo and branding. The size of the model being 4 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet high and was worked in 6 days for shaping and drying the sugar.

Sam and his team of IBCA student's worked their best to achieve this. The venue where displayed is St. Joseph School grounds near UBCity. Be there and share the sweet creation with your loved ones.
Working on this building must have been as difficult as the original but we achieved getting the shape and structure to the AL Burj building of dubai to Bangalore's 39th annual cake show happening at St Joseph school grounds.

Shaping the sugar model, working with edible food coloring and additional fixtures were the challenges we faced, after which we added some miniature sugar cars, trees and road to show the structural highness. Another beautiful work made at Institute of Baking by Sam and the students team.
Peacock Wedding Cake

Wedding Bride Mannequin Cake

This elegant 4.5 feet tall Green fondant covered tier cake was completed with white impression motif and royal icing pullout. The tiers are separated with round gum-paste pearls and a wedding topper kept above. A difficult yet interesting arrangement made at IBCA for 39th annual cake show in Bangalore, happening at St. Joseph school grounds and you will be able to view this upto 31st December. Be there to learn more...
100 Years of Indian Cinema Cake
Fairyland Cake
Pirate Ship Cake

Wedding Bride Mannequin Cake