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Cakes and Creams week

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Course Fee
Rs. 13,000.00 (INR)   
Course Code  
1 Week
10:30am to 4:00pm 
Yes! It's time to start planning for a celebration or being called the best cake maker in the city... Today anywhere in the world one can see a common form of celebration for birthday, wedding or others will be with a cake. Cakes have reached a long ways from basic pound variety from back in history to varieties made with fruits, chocolates or more.

Cakes & Creams weeks adds to your information about the kinds of procedures, raw-materials involved and creative usage of finished product with basic frosting needs. Also learn the kinds of problems and its remedies in cake production.

Theory, Tips & Techniques
  • Cake making ingredients
  • Cake making methods & process technique
  • Hygiene & Sanitation in bakery
  • Manpower management
  • Nutrition & health foods
  • Project report guidance and submission

Creaming methods, Whipping methods, All-in-methods, Blending methods, Eggfree cake making process, Cream preparation, Problem filled Cake making along with scoring of products, TEST on Cake making
Emulsified cake, Fatless sponge, Genoise sponge, Chiffon sponge, Angel food cake, Sunshine cake, Sacher cake, Pound cake, Madeira cake, Fruit cake, Le pleyl, Carrot loaf, Coffee cake, American brownie, Banana cake, Fresh cream eggfree cake, Eggfree soda cake, Eggfree vinegar cake, Eggfree curd cake, Eggfree Premix cake    

* Truffle cream
* Non-dairy cream   
* Buttercream   
* Water icing

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