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Dessert Course

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Course Fee
Rs. 8,000.00 (INR)  
Course Code 
3 Days 
10:30am to 4:00pm
Whip up the Whites of an Egg or Fold in the chocolate add to variety to your consumption and sale in store. In this program one can learn the variety creation with both cold and baked dessert, Basic Pastry/Gateaux preparation, making of syrups, glazes or whipping cream. We shall with you also make plated desserts to add to your exclusive occasions and sweet ending.

The program is chosen for commercial requirement as well as hobby healthy home needs.

Theory, Tips & Techniques
Brief of what is dessert preparation
Difference in Baked & Cold dessert
Kinds of fillings, toppings and garnish
Variety with simple methods
Pre-Plated dessert display
* Chocolate Mousse cup - Cold   
* Flour-less chocolate cake - Baked    
* Pineapple Soufflé - Cold
* Orange Soufflé - Baked   
* Apricot & Orange Gateau   
* Litchi & Mango Gateau   
* Lemon meringue pie
* Chocolate cheese cake - Baked   
* Lemon cheese cake - Cold   
* Pear & custard pie   
* Cherry pie
* Fruit fool   
* Fruit trifle

Plated Dessert
* Brandy snap with cream filling   
* Waffle with strawberry mousse and sauce
* Tuile cone with coffee mousse   
* Tiramisu with sponge finger   
* Caramel custard cream
* Crepe Suzette with orange flambe