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Institute of Baking & Cake Art
(Authorized centre of Manipal City & Guilds)
Winner of National Excellence Education Award 2017

About Us

About IBCA

Institute of Baking and Cake Art was started in the year 2000 by M.K.Gaur and Manish Gaur.

Mr. M K. Gaur has 38 years of experience managing the Bakery Training Unit at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore. Manish Gaur was teaching at The Institute of Hotel Management & Catering, Bangalore where his specific focus was on baking.

The idea behind starting a specialized institute was to offer a learning space to experience the simple art of baking and address domestic needs and commercial requirements.Our institution is one of its kind in terms of the specialized training across different levels in baking.

Our institution was started to share the knowledge of the why’s and how ‘s of baking through theoretical and practical expertise. We started with a modest beginning by introducing 4 basic baking courses – bread, biscuits, cakes/pastries and home baking course and 2 teachers. These courses gained immense popularity in terms of their content and imparting of basic knowledge of baking. This prompted our growth and movement to larger premises with better facilities and 9 courses and 7 teachers.

We introduced the 14-week Diploma in Baking, Confectionery and Cake Art. Our most sort after training, which gave many students from different walks of life to venture their interest to get into baking. Today the same program is made more effective by adding to our association with Manipal City and Guilds. We now offer dual certification of 'Diploma in baking' and 'City and Guilds' together in our 14-week intensive training. The effectiveness lay in the sharing of knowledge in our teaching modules which contributed greatly towards our steady success and building the confidence of the student so as to enable her/him to branch out on her own and specializing in her own patisserie.

Our motto is to grow with an information base in Baking and Confectionery. We aim to be a service provider for all domestic and commercial requirements. We aspire to create a space for progressive sharing and learning of knowledge and research in the world of baking. We are intrinsically different. Our prime focus is on Baking and Confectionery. We are a niche training school, one of a kind in the country. We have students coming from every state in of our country, neighboring countries, as well from countries such as Europe, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Middle East. In India, we have students coming from the northeastern parts of the country – Assam, Mizoram to the God’s own country – Kerala.

Our programs are custom made to suit the different requirements of our consumers
We are a specialized baking and confectionery service provider. Simultaneously we also offer consultancy services on starting a new bakery in terms of the infrastructure, equipment and other expertise required. We have also helped existing bakeries upgrade in terms of developing improvisations on techniques, processes, and recipes. We have at the invitation of pioneers in the baking industry conducted training for corporate. We are one of the first online cake ordering service provider; our online cake ordering facility and Our recipes are constantly evolving with innovative ingredients and technology and Our cake art is much appreciated and unmatched to this date. We truly are consistent simple teaching modules that are integrated to provide tailor made courses to suit a student’s schedule has played an integral role in our growth and development.